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music + internets = win for your ears!

"...it ain't your tv,
though it's fun to laugh at people sometimes,
it ain't your computer,
though it's nice to spend the whole night online,
it's not your movies,
I see the same damn story line,
it's only music now
it's only music now...

"something's missing"
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Gesaffelstein for L’Uomo Vogue

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I bet Dillon is saying ‘fuck’.

I bet Dillon is saying ‘fuck’.

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BΔSTILLE + quotes

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Diplo doing Jah No Partial at the Bud Hotel in Rio.  SICK!

Ezra Koenig on being pretentious

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Foster the People—“Best Friend (Suken remix)”

A DJ takes one thing and makes a completely new thing out of those things.  That’s what Suken did!  Props :)

Foster the People—“Best Friend (Wave Racer remix)”

Love that breakdown chord progression.  Jersey Club love.

Interesting.  Very different.  Ambient.


'Music Is Our Religion'

Blasterjaxx @ EDC Las Vegas 2014

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